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london 2023

Our first Meetup of the year was on March 9th in London!

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Marketplace Exit Road: What Strategies for the Future?

This event focused on key takeaways on exits for marketplace startups!

What are the current market conditions for marketplace exits?

How have marketplace exits performed in the last year?

What are the best strategies to pursue in 2023 for a successful exit?


Event info

This event will focus on key takeaways on exits for marketplace startups! We combine top notch content with networking and building long lasting ties within the marketplaces community!

  • Come for the content, stay for the drinks and great company!

  • 3-4 content sessions followed by an evening of networking!

  • Doors open at 5.30PM - 9PM!


The london 2023


Marketplace exit road: past and future takes on Network effects driven businesses


Finish Big: planning for an exit


The Ins and Outs of a Strategic Buyout

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Doors open at 5.30PM! Lets enjoy a great evening together!

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Partnering UP for Success

Thanks to AWS for hosting us at their London office and FJ Labs for organising this Meetup together with us.


This Meetup's Location

The event will take place at the AWS office in London: 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, EC2A 2FA London.

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