Randi Zuckerberg


Randi Zuckerberg has always seen creativity as the tie that binds arts and technology. After serving as an early employee at Facebook and a pioneer of the social internet, she left Silicon Valley to star in Rock of Ages on Broadway. After winning three Tony Awards, she returned to tech as a published author, advisor, investor, and board member. Randi’s unique skillset positions her as one of the only leaders equipped with the expertise and credibility to counsel businesses in both groundbreaking technology and the arts.

In early 2022, Randi founded HUG, an inclusive social marketplace democratizing access to the arts while empowering independent artists to become creative entrepreneurs through discovery, opportunity, and education. She is eager to mentor the next generation of inventors, creators, and leaders as they grow the next crop of billion-dollar brands that nurture both these worlds.

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Panel: Synthesis of Creativity: Exploring AI in Art Marketplaces

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